LibreOffice 7.3 SDK API Reference
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18  */
19 #ifndef __com_sun_star_awt_XMenu_idl__
20 #define __com_sun_star_awt_XMenu_idl__
25 module com { module sun { module star { module awt {
27 published interface XPopupMenu;
28 published interface XMenuListener;
33 {
39  void addMenuListener( [in] XMenuListener xListener );
47  void removeMenuListener( [in] XMenuListener xListener );
66  void insertItem( [in] short nItemId,
67  [in] string aText,
68  [in] short nItemStyle,
69  [in] short nItemPos );
79  void removeItem( [in] short nItemPos,
80  [in] short nCount );
84  void clear();
91  short getItemCount();
101  short getItemId( [in] short nItemPos );
111  short getItemPos( [in] short nItemId );
132  void enableItem( [in] short nItemId,
133  [in] boolean bEnable );
143  boolean isItemEnabled( [in] short nItemId );
150  void hideDisabledEntries( [in] boolean bHide );
157  void enableAutoMnemonics( [in] boolean bEnable );
167  void setItemText( [in] short nItemId,
168  [in] string aText );
178  string getItemText( [in] short nItemId );
188  void setCommand( [in] short nItemId,
189  [in] string aCommand );
199  string getCommand( [in] short nItemId );
209  void setHelpCommand( [in] short nItemId,
210  [in] string aCommand );
220  string getHelpCommand( [in] short nItemId );
230  void setHelpText( [in] short nItemId,
231  [in] string sHelpText );
241  string getHelpText( [in] short nItemId );
251  void setTipHelpText( [in] short nItemId,
252  [in] string sTipHelpText );
262  string getTipHelpText( [in] short nItemId );
270  boolean isPopupMenu();
280  void setPopupMenu( [in] short nItemId,
281  [in] XPopupMenu aPopupMenu );
291  XPopupMenu getPopupMenu( [in] short nItemId );
293 };
295 }; }; }; };
297 #endif
299 /* vim:set shiftwidth=4 softtabstop=4 expandtab: */
makes it possible to receive menu events on a window.
Definition: XMenuListener.idl:30
specifies a simple menu.
Definition: XMenu.idl:33
void setPopupMenu([in] short nItemId, [in] XPopupMenu aPopupMenu)
sets the popup menu for a specified menu item.
XPopupMenu getPopupMenu([in] short nItemId)
returns the popup menu from the menu item.
void removeMenuListener([in] XMenuListener xListener)
removes the specified menu listener so that it no longer receives events from this menu.
short getItemCount()
returns the number of items in the menu.
string getItemText([in] short nItemId)
returns the string for the given item id.
void addMenuListener([in] XMenuListener xListener)
adds the specified menu listener to receive events from this menu.
::com::sun::star::awt::MenuItemType getItemType([in] short nItemPos)
retrieves the type of the menu item.
void setHelpText([in] short nItemId, [in] string sHelpText)
sets the help text for the menu item.
boolean isPopupMenu()
checks whether an XMenu is an XPopupMenu.
void hideDisabledEntries([in] boolean bHide)
specifies whether disabled menu entries should be hidden, or not.
string getHelpCommand([in] short nItemId)
retrieves the help command string for the menu item.
void setHelpCommand([in] short nItemId, [in] string aCommand)
sets the help command string for the menu item.
short getItemId([in] short nItemPos)
returns the ID of the item at the specified position.
boolean isItemEnabled([in] short nItemId)
returns the state of the menu item.
void enableAutoMnemonics([in] boolean bEnable)
specifies whether mnemonics are automatically assigned to menu items, or not.
string getTipHelpText([in] short nItemId)
retrieves the tip help text for the menu item.
void enableItem([in] short nItemId, [in] boolean bEnable)
enables or disables the menu item.
string getCommand([in] short nItemId)
retrieves the command string for the menu item.
void setCommand([in] short nItemId, [in] string aCommand)
sets the command string for the menu item.
short getItemPos([in] short nItemId)
returns the position of the item with the specified ID.
void clear()
removes all items from the menu.
void setItemText([in] short nItemId, [in] string aText)
sets the text for the menu item.
void removeItem([in] short nItemPos, [in] short nCount)
removes one or more items from the menu.
void insertItem([in] short nItemId, [in] string aText, [in] short nItemStyle, [in] short nItemPos)
inserts an item into the menu.
void setTipHelpText([in] short nItemId, [in] string sTipHelpText)
sets the tip help text for the menu item.
string getHelpText([in] short nItemId)
retrieves the help text for the menu item.
controls a pop-up menu.
Definition: XPopupMenu.idl:34
base interface of all UNO interfaces
Definition: XInterface.idl:48
specifies the type of a menu item, as returned by com::sun::star::awt::XMenu::getItemType().
Definition: MenuItemType.idl:28
Definition: Ambiguous.idl:22