LibreOffice 7.4 SDK API Reference
XMenuBar Member List

This is the complete list of members for XMenuBar, including all inherited members.

addMenuListener([in] XMenuListener xListener)XMenu
enableAutoMnemonics([in] boolean bEnable)XMenu
enableItem([in] short nItemId, [in] boolean bEnable)XMenu
getCommand([in] short nItemId)XMenu
getHelpCommand([in] short nItemId)XMenu
getHelpText([in] short nItemId)XMenu
getItemId([in] short nItemPos)XMenu
getItemPos([in] short nItemId)XMenu
getItemText([in] short nItemId)XMenu
getItemType([in] short nItemPos)XMenu
getPopupMenu([in] short nItemId)XMenu
getTipHelpText([in] short nItemId)XMenu
hideDisabledEntries([in] boolean bHide)XMenu
insertItem([in] short nItemId, [in] string aText, [in] short nItemStyle, [in] short nItemPos)XMenu
isItemEnabled([in] short nItemId)XMenu
queryInterface([in] type aType)XInterface
removeItem([in] short nItemPos, [in] short nCount)XMenu
removeMenuListener([in] XMenuListener xListener)XMenu
setCommand([in] short nItemId, [in] string aCommand)XMenu
setHelpCommand([in] short nItemId, [in] string aCommand)XMenu
setHelpText([in] short nItemId, [in] string sHelpText)XMenu
setItemText([in] short nItemId, [in] string aText)XMenu
setPopupMenu([in] short nItemId, [in] XPopupMenu aPopupMenu)XMenu
setTipHelpText([in] short nItemId, [in] string sTipHelpText)XMenu