LibreOffice 7.4 SDK API Reference
Deprecated List
Class AutoRecovery
Use theAutoRecovery singleton instead.
Member BarDiagram::NumberOfLines
Member BaseFrameProperties::BackGraphicURL
as of LibreOffice 6.1 - use BackGraphic instead
Member BaseFrameProperties::Surround
Member BaseIndex::BackGraphicURL
as of LibreOffice 6.1 - use BackGraphic instead
Class BezierPoint
Class BootstrapContext
Class BrowseNodeFactory
use the singleton theBrowseNodeFactory
Member CellAreaLink::RefreshDelay
Member CellProperties::BackGraphicURL
as of LibreOffice 6.1 - use BackGraphic instead
Member CellRange::BackGraphicURL
as of LibreOffice 6.1 - use BackGraphic instead
Class ChangeEvent
indicates the type of change action on the data source.
Member CharacterProperties::RubyIsAbove
Member ChartAxis::StepHelp
User property StepHelpCount instead Contains the distance between the help tick marks.
Member ChartDataPointProperties::SymbolBitmapURL
as of Libreoffice 6.1
Class ChartDataRow
Class ChartDataValue
Member ChartStatistics::ErrorCategory
Namespace com::sun::star::awt::CharSet
Namespace com::sun::star::awt::KeyGroup
Namespace com::sun::star::awt::VclWindowPeerAttribute
Member com::sun::star::awt::WindowAttribute::SYSTEMDEPENDENT
conflicts with VclWindowPeerAttribute::HSCROLL
Member com::sun::star::beans::PropertyAttribute::REMOVEABLE
same as PropertyAttribute::REMOVABLE.
Member com::sun::star::chart::ChartDataCaption::FORMAT
Member com::sun::star::chart::ChartDataPoint
Member com::sun::star::datatransfer::clipboard::RenderingCapabilities::Persistant
since 7.1, rather use "Persistent" const
Member com::sun::star::document::PrinterIndependentLayout::ENABLED
ENABLED changed to LOW_RESOLUTION, to distinguish from HIGH_RESOLUTION
Member com::sun::star::drawing::Arrangement
Member com::sun::star::drawing::DrawViewMode
Member com::sun::star::drawing::LineEndType
Member com::sun::star::drawing::MeasureKind
Member com::sun::star::drawing::SnapObjectType
Member com::sun::star::drawing::TextAdjust
Member com::sun::star::drawing::TextureKind
Member com::sun::star::form::DataSelectionType
Member com::sun::star::frame::FrameSearchFlag::AUTO
Namespace com::sun::star::i18n::LocaleItem
internal Constant values identifying specific locale data items.
Namespace com::sun::star::lang::SystemDependent
Member com::sun::star::linguistic2::MIXED
Member com::sun::star::reflection::CONST
Member com::sun::star::script::FailReason::NO_DEFAULT_AVAILABLE
Member com::sun::star::script::FailReason::UNKNOWN
Member com::sun::star::script::FinishReason
Member com::sun::star::script::InterruptReason
Namespace com::sun::star::sdbc::ChangeAction
determines the type of the change which is going to be performed.
Namespace com::sun::star::text::DateDisplayFormat
Namespace com::sun::star::text::TimeDisplayFormat
Member com::sun::star::text::WritingMode
Use WritingMode2 instead
Member com::sun::star::text::WritingMode2::PAGE
Use CONTEXT instead.
Member com::sun::star::ucb::ContentAction::SEARCH_MATCHED
Namespace com::sun::star::ucb::Error
Member com::sun::star::ucb::NameClash::KEEP
Member com::sun::star::ucb::NO_CONTENT_BROKER
Member com::sun::star::ucb::NO_IDENTIFIER_FACTORY
Namespace com::sun::star::ui::dialogs::ListboxControlActions
Member com::sun::star::util::SearchFlags::ALL_IGNORE_CASE
The constant ALL_IGNORE_CASE is never supported - use com::sun::star::i18n::TransliterationModules::IGNORE_CASE with SearchOptions::transliterateFlags() instead.
Member com::sun::star::util::SearchFlags::REG_EXTENDED
The flag is currently not supported by OOo.
Member com::sun::star::util::SearchFlags::REG_NEWLINE
The flag is currently not supported by OOo.
Member com::sun::star::util::SearchFlags::REG_NOSUB
The flag is currently not supported by OOo.
Member com::sun::star::util::SortFieldType
Class ConfigurationProvider
Use theDefaultProvider instead.
Member Content::com::sun::star::beans::XPropertyContainer
Member Content::com::sun::star::ucb::XContentCreator
Class ContentTransmitter
Class ContextInformation
Class CoreReflection
Rather use the 'theCoreReflection' singleton.
Class DatabaseAccess
Class DatabaseAccessConnection
Class DatabaseAccessContext
Class DatabaseAccessDataSource
Class DatabaseDeleteEvent
Class DatabaseDocument
Class DatabaseEnvironment
is the top level service for accessing database components.
Member DateTime::DateTimeFormat
Class Desktop
Use theDesktop singleton instead.
Class DesktopTask
Class DesktopTasks
Class Document
Class DrawingDocumentFactory
Please use the factory interface of the service GenericDrawingDocument.
Member DrawingDocumentFactory::com::sun::star::lang::XMultiServiceFactory
Class Engine
Class ErrorEvent
Class EventObject
Member FillProperties::FillBitmapURL
as of LibreOffice 6.1, use FillBitmap
Member FilterFieldValue::IsNumeric
- Use FilterType instead.
Class FinishEngineEvent
Class FormController
Class FormControllerDispatcher
Class GlobalDocument
Class GlobalEventBroadcaster
Use theGlobalEventBroadcaster singleton instead.
Class GluePoint
Member GraphicObjectShape::GraphicObjectFillBitmap
Use graphic property instead!
Member GraphicObjectShape::GraphicURL
as of LibreOffice 6.1 - use Graphic instead
Member GridControl::com::sun::star::view::XSelectionSupplier
Class InteractionHandler
Do not use this service anymore. Instead, create a generic com::sun::star::task::InteractionHandler instance, and pass it your request. It will determine, based on configuration data, which concrete interaction handler implementation to use for a specific request. In particular, requests formerly server by this service here are by default passed to a DatabaseInteractionHandler.
Class InteractiveFileIOException
Class InterruptEngineEvent
Class Introspection
Use theIntrospection instead.
Class IntrospectionException
Class Java2
Class JavaScript
Class JavaVirtualMachine
A UNO service seems to be at the wrong abstraction level for this functionality. This should probably be replaced by an appropriate C/C++ API.
Class JobExecutor
Use theJobExecutor singleton instead.
Member LineDiagram::SymbolBitmap
- added for backwards compatibility
Member LineDiagram::SymbolBitmapURL
Class MacroExpander
rather use the util::theMacroExpander singleton
Class MasterScriptProviderFactory
rather use the singleton service theMasterScriptProviderFactory
Member MediaDescriptor::FileName
Member MediaDescriptor::FilterFlags
Member MediaDescriptor::OpenFlags
Member MediaDescriptor::PostString
Class ModuleUIConfigurationManagerSupplier
Use theModuleUIConfigurationManagerSupplier singleton instead.
Member NumberingLevel::BulletId
Member NumberingLevel::GraphicURL
as of LibreOffice 6.1, use Graphic instead
Member NumberingLevel::GraphicURL
as of LibreOffice 6.1, use GraphicBitmap
Member NumberingLevel::Prefix
as of LibreOffice 7.2, use ListFormat instead
Member NumberingLevel::Suffix
as of LibreOffice 7.2, use ListFormat instead
Member OfficeDocument::XEventBroadcaster
Class OfficeInstallationDirectories
rather use the singleton theOfficeInstallationDirectories
Class OleApplicationRegistration
Class OleBridgeSupplier
Class OleBridgeSupplier2
Class OleBridgeSupplierVar1
Class OleObjectFactory
Member PageProperties::BackGraphicURL
as of LibreOffice 6.1 - use BackGraphic instead
Member PageProperties::FooterBackGraphicURL
as of LibreOffice 6.1 - use FooterBackGraphic
Member PageProperties::HeaderBackGraphicURL
as of LibreOffice 6.1 - use HeaderBackGraphic instead
Member ParagraphProperties::ParaBackGraphicURL
as of LibreOffice 6.1 - use ParaBackGraphic instead
Class PathSettings
Use thePathSettings singleton instead.
Class PopupMenuControllerFactory
Use thePopupMenuControllerFactory singleton instead.
Member PrintOptions::Sort
Use Collate instead.
Class PropertyBrowserController
Class ProxyFactory
Aggregation will no longer be supported as a high-level concept of UNO. You may still have the option to implement a UNO object consisting of several single objects in your specific programming language, though this depends on your programming language. Thus this service is deprecated, too.
Member RemoteContentProviderAcceptor::XRemoteContentProviderActivator
Class RemoteProxyContentProvider
Class RotationDescriptor
Member RotationDescriptor::RotateAngle
Member RotationDescriptor::ShearAngle
Class Settings
Member Shape::Surround
Class Sortable
Class SortDescriptor
Class SortField
Member SpreadsheetDocument::com::sun::star::sheet::SpreadsheetDocumentSettings
Class SpreadsheetDocumentSettings
Member SpreadsheetViewSettings::HideSpellMarks
Class StatusbarControllerFactory
Use theStatusbarControllerFactory singleton instead.
Class SymbolDescriptor
  • nWeight should be changed to float as in FontWeight.idl
  • nItalic probably needs to have FontItalic extended by the two extra defines REVERSE_* listed in FontSlant.idl
  • nCharSet should have the CharSet.idl extended by the new defines from rtl/textenc.h
Class SystemDependentXWindow
Class TableFormula
Class TableSortDescriptor
Member TableSortDescriptor::Orientation
use the property com::sun::star::util::SortDescriptor::SortColumns instead.
Member TabularDataProviderArguments::TableNumberList
Class Task
Member Task::XFrame
Member Task::XTask
use com::sun::star::util::XCloseable instead.
Member Text::XRelativeTextContentInsert
Member TextGraphicObject::GraphicURL
as of LibreOffice 6.1 - use Graphic instead
Member TextPortion::ControlCharacter
type ControlCharacter no longer implemented
Member TextSection::BackGraphicURL
as of LibreOffice 6.1 - use BackGraphic instead
Class TextSortable
Class TextSortDescriptor
Member TextTable::BackGraphicURL
as of LibreOffice 6.1 - use BackGraphic instead
Member TextTableRow::BackGraphicURL
as of LibreOffice 6.1 - use BackGraphic instead
Class thePackageManagerFactory
Use XExtensionManager.
Class ToolbarControllerFactory
Use theToolbarControllerFactory singleton instead.
Class UICategoryDescription
Use theUICategoryDescription singleton instead.
Class UICommandDescription
Use theUICommandDescription singleton instead.
Class UIElementFactoryManager
Use theUIElementFactoryManager singleton instead.
Class Uik
Class WebDocument
Class WindowContentFactoryManager
Use theWindowContentFactoryManager singleton instead.
Class WindowStateConfiguration
Use theWindowStateConfiguration singleton instead.
Class XAggregation
Aggregation will no longer be supported as a high-level concept of UNO. You may still have the option to implement a UNO object consisting of several single objects in your specific programming language, though this depends on your programming language.
Class XArrayTypeDescription
Class XAutoTextEntry
Member XBreakIterator::getWordType ([in] string aText, [in] long nPos, [in] com::sun::star::lang::Locale aLocale)
Get the WordType of the word that starts at position nPos.
Class XBridgeSupplier
Class XBrowseHistoryRegistry
Member XBrowseHistoryRegistry::createNewEntry ([in] string URL, [in] sequence< com::sun::star::beans::PropertyValue > Arguments, [in] string Title)
Member XBrowseHistoryRegistry::updateViewData ([in] any Value)
Class XComponentRegistry
Member XComponentRegistry::createObject ([in] string URL, [in] com::sun::star::uno::Uik Uik)
Class XConfigManager
Member XConfigManager::addPropertyChangeListener ([in] string KeyName, [in] com::sun::star::beans::XPropertyChangeListener Listener)
Member XConfigManager::flush ()
Member XConfigManager::removePropertyChangeListener ([in] string KeyName, [in] com::sun::star::beans::XPropertyChangeListener Listener)
Class XConnectableShape
Class XConnectorShape
Class XConsolidatable
Class XConsolidationDescriptor
Class XContentCreator
Class XContentTransmitter
Class XDatabaseAccess
Class XDatabaseAccessListener
Class XDatabaseEnvironment
Class XDataContainer
Member XDataContainer::getDataURL ()
Member XDataContainer::setDataURL ([in] string aURL)
Class XDDELink
Class XDebugging
Class XDeleteListener
Class XDesktopTask
Member XDesktopTask::close ()
Member XDesktopTask::initialize ([in] com::sun::star::awt::XWindow TaskWindow)
Class XDictionary1
Member XDictionary::getEntries ()
Member XDockableWindow::isInPopupMode ()
- always returns FALSE
Member XDockableWindow::startPopupMode ([in] com::sun::star::awt::Rectangle WindowRect)
- doesn't do anything
Class XDocumentIndex
Class XDrawPageExpander
Class XDrawPageSummarizer
Class XDrawPageSupplier
Class XEngine
Class XEngineListener
Class XErrorBroadcaster
Class XErrorListener
Class XEventBroadcaster
Class XEventListener
Class XExtendedFilterDetection
Member XExtendedFilterDetection::detect ([in] string URL, [in] sequence< com::sun::star::beans::PropertyValue > Argumentlist)
Class XExtendedToolkit
This interface was only implemented in an intermediate developer release anyway.
Class XFileDialog
Member XFilePicker::getFiles ()
use com::sun::star::ui::dialogs::XFilePicker2::getSelectedFiles instead
Member XFilePreview::getTargetColorDepth ()
- typically now just returns 0
Class XFillAcrossSheet
Class XFilterDetect
Class XFormController
Class XFormField
Class XFrameLoaderQuery
Member XFrameLoaderQuery::getAvailableFilterNames ()
Member XFrameLoaderQuery::getLoaderProperties ([in] string sFilterName)
Member XFrameLoaderQuery::searchFilter ([in] string sURL, [in] sequence< com::sun::star::beans::PropertyValue > seqArguments)
Class XFrameSetModel
Class XGraphicObjectResolver
since LibreOffice 6.1 Use GraphicStorageHandler or GraphicProvider to load an XGraphic instead as converting to internal GraphicObject URL is not possible anymore.
Member XGraphicObjectResolver::resolveGraphicObjectURL ([in] string aURL)
since LibreOffice 6.1 - throws a RuntimeException if called
Class XGrid
Class XGridFieldDataSupplier
Class XGridPeer
Member XIdlClass::getClass ([in] string aName)
Member XIdlClass::getClasses ()
Member XIdlClass::getInterfaces ()
Member XIdlClass::getUik ()
Class XIdlClassProvider
Class XIdlField
Class XInsertListener
Member XInterfaceTypeDescription::getBaseType ()
Member XInterfaceTypeDescription::getUik ()
Class XInvocationAdapterFactory
Class XJavaThreadRegister_11
Class XJavaVM
A UNO interface seems to be at the wrong abstraction level for this functionality (also, the C++ classes jvmaccess::VirtualMachine and jvmaccess::UnoVirtualMachine used by com::sun::star::java::XJavaVM::getJavaVM() are not part of the public C++ UNO runtime API). This should probably be replaced by an appropriate C/C++ API.
Class XLibraryAccess
Member XLinguProperties::IsSpellCapitalization
Class XMenuBarAcceptor
Class XPackageManager
Use XExtensionManager.
Class XPackageManagerFactory
Use XExtensionManager.
Member XPackageTypeInfo::getIcon ([in] boolean highContrast, [in] boolean smallIcon)
Member XPathSettings::UserDictionary
Class XPositioningListener
Class XProgressMonitor
Class XProxyFactory
Aggregation will no longer be supported as a high-level concept of UNO. You may still have the option to implement a UNO object consisting of several single objects in your specific programming language, though this depends on your programming language. Thus this interface is deprecated, too.
Class XRelativeTextContentInsert
Class XRelativeTextContentRemove
Class XRemoteContentProviderActivator
Class XReschedule
This interface was only implemented in an intermediate developer release anyway.
Class XRestoreListener
Member XRowSetListener::rowChanged ([in]com::sun::star::lang::EventObject event)
Class XShapeAligner
Class XShapeArranger
Class XShapeDescriptor
replaced by com::sun::star::lang::XServiceName
Class XShapeGroup
Class XShapeMirror
Class XSheetLinkable
Class XSheetPageBreak
Class XSheetPastable
Class XSingleServiceFactory
Class XSpellChecker1
Class XStarBasicAccess
Class XStarBasicDialogInfo
Class XStarBasicLibraryInfo
Class XStarBasicModuleInfo
Class XStatusIndicatorSupplier
Member XStatusIndicatorSupplier::getStatusIndicator ()
Class XSubmitListener
This interface is superseded by the com::sun::star::form::submission::XSubmissionVetoListener interface. New implementations should use the latter, if possible.
Class XSupportedLanguages
Class XSVGPrinter
Class XSVGWriter
Class XTask
Member XTask::arrangeWindowsHorizontal ()
Member XTask::arrangeWindowsVertical ()
Member XTask::close ()
Member XTask::tileWindows ()
Class XTasksSupplier
Member XTasksSupplier::getActiveTask ()
Member XTasksSupplier::getTasks ()
Member XTransliteration::folding ([in] string aInStr, [in] long nStartPos, [in] long nCount, [out] sequence< long > rOffset)
For internal use, this method is supported to get the "transliteration", which equals() is based on.
Member XTypeProvider::getImplementationId ()
This feature should no longer be used, and implementations are encouraged to always return an empty sequence.
Class XUnionTypeDescription
Class XUniversalShapeDescriptor
Class XUnloadingPreference
Do not use.
Member XUriReference::isHierarchical ()
RFC 3986 no longer differentiates between hierarchical and opaque URIs.
Class XUrlList
Class XVclContainer
Class XVclContainerListener
Class XVclContainerPeer
Class XVclWindowPeer
Class XViewPanesSupplier
Class XViewSplitable
Class XWindowArranger
Member XWindowArranger::arrange ([in] short nCommand)
Member XWindowArranger::hasArrangeCommand ([in] short nCommand)