LibreOffice 7.4 SDK API Reference
modules.idl File Reference

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module  com
module  com::sun
module  com::sun::star
 the module com::sun::star is the root module of the UNO API.
module  com::sun::star::accessibility
 UNO Accessibility API.
module  com::sun::star::animations
 interfaces for SMIL animations.
module  com::sun::star::auth
 security and authenticates interfaces
module  com::sun::star::awt
 Java AWT-like user interface toolkit interface specifications for UNO.
module  com::sun::star::awt::grid
 grid control.
module  com::sun::star::awt::tab
 tab pages.
module  com::sun::star::awt::tree
 hierarchical (tree) control.
module  com::sun::star::chart
 Charting diagram interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::chart2
 New implementation of Charting diagram interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::chart2::data
 Chart data provider interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::configuration
 Access to the tree of configuration data.
module  com::sun::star::configuration::backend
 interfaces for configuration backends.
module  com::sun::star::configuration::backend::xml
 XML files backend.
module  com::sun::star::configuration::bootstrap
 deprecated bootstrapping mechanism.
module  com::sun::star::cui
 Common user interface elements.
module  com::sun::star::datatransfer
 Clipboard and Drag&Drop interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::datatransfer::clipboard
 Clipboard specific interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::datatransfer::dnd
 Drag&Drop specific interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::deployment
 interfaces for extension management.
module  com::sun::star::deployment::test
module  com::sun::star::deployment::ui
 interfaces for extension management dialogs.
module  com::sun::star::document
 Office document related interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::drawing
 Drawing and shape specific interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::drawing::framework
 The drawing framework is responsible for managing the resources used by the UI of the drawing applications.
module  com::sun::star::embed
 interfaces related to embedded objects, both native UNO and OLE.
module  com::sun::star::form
 Interfaces for managing forms and controls.
module  com::sun::star::form::binding
 collects functionality for binding form controls to external data sources.
module  com::sun::star::form::component
 collects form control model descriptions
module  com::sun::star::form::control
 collects form control descriptions
module  com::sun::star::form::inspection
 collects services for inspecting form/components
module  com::sun::star::form::runtime
 collects functionality needed during a form's runtime, e.g.
module  com::sun::star::form::submission
 collects functionality for submitting forms to external data sinks
module  com::sun::star::form::validation
 collects functionality to validate form components by help of external validator instances
module  com::sun::star::formula
 Interfaces for mathematical formulas.
module  com::sun::star::frame
 Desktop environment framework interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::frame::status
 various status properties.
module  com::sun::star::gallery
 interfaces for galleries of images and media objects.
module  com::sun::star::geometry
 Interfaces and data types to deal with basic geometric entities.
module  com::sun::star::graphic
 Interfaces for graphic handling.
module  com::sun::star::i18n
 Interface for internationalization.
module  com::sun::star::image
 interfaces for HTML image maps.
module  com::sun::star::inspection
 interfaces for inspecting UNO objects via property handlers.
module  com::sun::star::ldap
 lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP)
module  com::sun::star::linguistic2
 Spell checker, hyphenation and thesaurus interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::logging
 logging of events.
module  com::sun::star::mail
 Interfaces for Email connectivity.
module  com::sun::star::media
 Media type interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::mozilla
 Interfaces for Mozilla integration.
module  com::sun::star::office
 Office document content related interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::packages
 Package file format interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::packages::manifest
 interfaces for reading and writing manifest.xml files in ODF packages.
module  com::sun::star::packages::zip
 for direct access to ZIP packages.
module  com::sun::star::plugin
 Netscape-like plugin interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::presentation
 Presentation specific interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::presentation::textfield
 for text fields in presentation documents.
module  com::sun::star::qa
 Interfaces for QA and automated tests.
module  com::sun::star::rdf
 RDF (Resource Description Framework) and metadata interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::rendering
 Interfaces and data structures for rendering.
module  com::sun::star::report
 interfaces for reports generated from data sources.
module  com::sun::star::report::inspection
 property handlers for reports.
module  com::sun::star::report::meta
 report meta data.
module  com::sun::star::resource
 Interfaces to access (UI) resource files.
module  com::sun::star::scanner
 Interfaces for scanner control.
module  com::sun::star::script
 Scripting language bindings.
module  com::sun::star::script::browse
 manage available scripts in some sort of hierarchy.
module  com::sun::star::script::provider
 interfaces for scripting providers.
module  com::sun::star::script::vba
 VBA scripting.
module  com::sun::star::sdb
 Basic interfaces for database access.
module  com::sun::star::sdb::application
 application UI.
module  com::sun::star::sdb::tools
 misc stuff.
module  com::sun::star::sdbc
 Database component interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::sdbcx
 High-level database component interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::security
 Interface for authorisation and authentication.
module  com::sun::star::setup
 Setup specific interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::sheet
 Spreadsheet specific interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::smarttags
 allows to put smart tags in document content.
module  com::sun::star::style
 Formatting and layout style and style sheet interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::svg
 Interfaces for import/export of Scalable Vector Format.
module  com::sun::star::system
 Host operating system integration interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::table
 Table specific interfaces (for text and spreadsheet).
module  com::sun::star::task
 Task management interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::text
 Text specific interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::text::fieldmaster
 text field masters.
module  com::sun::star::text::textfield
 text fields.
module  com::sun::star::text::textfield::docinfo
 Document Properties text fields.
module  com::sun::star::ucb
 Universal Content Broker interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::ui
 Dialogs and other UI elements.
module  com::sun::star::ui::dialogs
module  com::sun::star::util
 Miscellaneous interfaces for sorting, connecting objects etc.
module  com::sun::star::view
 Document view specific interfaces (e.g. selection access and printing).
module  com::sun::star::xforms
 interfaces for XForms (XML-based forms) implementation
module  com::sun::star::xml
 XML related interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::xml::crypto
 XML encryption interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::xml::crypto::sax
 XML encryption SAX interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::xml::csax
 Compressed SAX interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::xml::dom
 XML Document Object Model.
module  com::sun::star::xml::dom::events
 XML Document Object Model events.
module  com::sun::star::xml::dom::views
 XML Document Object Model views.
module  com::sun::star::xml::input
 no idea what this does but it's all marked "internal".
module  com::sun::star::xml::sax
 SAX interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::xml::wrapper
 something related to creating DOMs from SAX interfaces?
module  com::sun::star::xml::xpath
 XPath interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::xml::xslt
 XSLT interfaces.
module  com::sun::star::xsd
 W3C XML Schema-2 data type related interfaces.